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DOwn 22 pounds & recommending my patients to the program...

Every day at my clinic I get questions about how to best lose weight and get healthy. This year my answer typically includes information I learned from the flexible-fasting website and a recommendation for my patients to utilize the information and resources found at Flexible Fasting to take steps towards their goals of weight loss and ultimate health.


This year I started my own journey towards improving my health by using Flexible Fasting to pick the best fasting options for me. I am now down 22 pounds and feel great! This has been the best way for me to consistently lose weight, not feel hungry, and achieve weight loss that I can maintain for a lifetime.


I will continue to recommend Flexible Fasting to the patients at my clinic as one of the best sources to learn how to take control of their health and change their lives, and I can recommend the same for you.

Aaron Johnson, ARNP

Practice Owner at Total Care Clinics

I lost 20 pounds and healed my gut!

I joined Flexible Fasting, one year ago and initially I was looking for weight loss, and had no idea it would be so much more! I lost 20 pounds, easily🎉 and loved the tools I learned, with the videos and the personal attention from Dr. Sam and Breanne. They were there at every turn, to answer my many questions!


Not only was the information helpful, I loved the community and support system. All that has been so exciting, but the best part has been that fasting has healed my gut! I have suffered with gut issues, my whole adult life. After about a month, I noticed I wasn't suffering from bloating and pain.


It was a wonderful unexpected surprise! I am so thrilled and very happy I learned about Flexible Fasting and I recommend it to everyone!!

D. k., Age 53
Member + 6 Week Personalized Plan Member
I have PCOS And was told if I would lose 10-15% of my body weight I would have a higher chance to become pregnant.

So for the next few months tried counting calories, exercising for almost an hour every day and would lose a pound one week and then to just turn around and gain it.

Started on this Flexible Fasting journey in March and lost 8 pounds in the first month even with celebrating multiple birthdays and eating all the yummy desserts.

I also did a 36 hours fast and did not think I would make it but turns out I did and it wasn’t that bad. This has been the boost I needed to feel like I can lose this weight!

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B. C.
Age 33
30 Pounds Down!

My story is similar to Sam's: going from military awesomeness to post military weight....30lbs down....30 or so to go! Thanks again, Battle Buddy!

Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 1.03.43 PM.png
A. L.
Age 44
celebrating and losing weight!

I lost 11 pounds in the first month and without even exercising for most of it. I took some weekends off and celebrated my son's birthday as well! I was able to eat pizza, and my Wife's Amazing Egg Dish. I can still eat the foods I love and still lose weight!

Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 1.03.43 PM.png
N. P. 
Age 43
experiencing food freedom and weight loss at 68 years old!

At over 65 years old with various health issues, I had pretty much given up the idea of being able to lose the weight I desired and keep it off once and for all...

I grew up a chunky kid and weight loss has been a battle ever since. Up some – down some – repeat. Over the years, I’ve tried most diets out there. Some successful for a period of time, others marginally so, and then others not at all.

About four and a half years ago, I read about Intermittent Fasting (IF) in my research looking for the next diet/food plan which would help me get on track. I wasn’t that excited about it because I am a foodie and love to eat.

It wasn’t until a year or so later, Sam had tried it and was being very successful. Knowing how many other programs and diets he had tried without reaching his goal, I was intrigued. Additionally, it was working for Breanne as well. Sam explained the ins and outs of how to do Flexible Fasting. He shared his weight loss graph with me and it encouraged me to not give up. He had done the research, read the scientific research, put it into practice and was able to break it down and simplify the process for me. I was inspired by his success.

At over 65 years old with various health issues, I had pretty much given up the idea of being able to lose the weight I desired and keep it off once and for all. However, I decided to give Flexible Fasting a go. Over the next few months, I lost 25 pounds. What’s even more remarkable, some weeks I lost faster than or as fast as my husband! AND I have been able to keep it off.

For close to three years, I have continued to use Flexible Fasting successfully to lose weight and maintain within a three pound band. I no longer worry about everything I eat or track every morsel. I don’t feel nervous or anxious when going to gathering or party where delicious foods is being served. I can partake and know without a doubt I will drop whatever weight I might gain within the next few days. I lost the guilt associated with indulging and allow myself to enjoy celebratory foods without fear of how it will impact my weight.

Recently, my doctor recommended I lose ten more pounds to help with some spinal issues I am having. With Flexible Fasting, I had no doubt I would be able to do so. I’ve lost five and am giving myself permission to lock in this weight before dropping the next five. I am currently at a weight I haven’t been at for many many years.

I feel a freedom I haven’t experienced before. My health has improved and my weight is no longer a constant battle it once was. Flexible Fasting — so very thankful to have found you! 

Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 1.03.43 PM.png
M. S.
Age 68